Friday Poem: Moon

There was splendid full moon last night (and a lovely crispy crunchy frost this morning…), which I think is sufficient reason to share this poem from some years ago. It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t been to that place where the Hums are, so the back catalogue it is…oct2010 034 (Large)

The moon transforms
warm flesh to marble
as cold and white and lovely
as her face.

The moon reveals
in her obscure light
a beauty never seen
by light of day.

The lowliest
and ugliest
is transfigured
by her touch

oct2010 350 (Large)

Having chosen the poem, the next challenge was – .what photos can I use to illuminate it? I have hundreds of photos in dozens of folders, and no actual filing system in place to enable me to find anything…(I’m an artist, not an organiser). Luckily, the picture pixies were on my side, and I found a photo of the actual moon in the very first folder I looked in. Fate! Then I┬ácheated a little, and chose two mysterious-looking images to make up the numbers.oct2010 229 (Large)

I was taking (yet another ) photo of the spectrum, when I became distracted by how cool the effect of the sunlight through my specs was!