Creativity: Making a Book IV

I’m back home again after my sojourn in Canberra – back to a weedy garden and a pile of unfinished projects, and not enough hours in the day. I’m also listening to Melvins and Meatpuppets instead of the Wiggles, who were the sound track to last week, so it’s not all bad!


Once Juniper (and her Mum and Dad) arrived back from 2 weeks away, I spent less time on art, and more time enjoying kids books, playdough and very long walks (time, not distance). One day, I shared some of my Ruby Grapefruit with her. I wasn’t sure if she’d like it, and she wasn’t sure if she did – but she ate it anyway. She likes to copy Granny – folding her arms just so, and standing hands on hips…like a little mirror. Zoe and I went on our own to San Chorros for hot chocolate, and churros. mmm. The (mis)quote was printed on the napkin, which I would have kept if I hadn’t dribbled chocolate all over it…I’d glued in the pretty Italian lady (from alfabeto pasta), but she came unstuck and I reattached her with a sticker off a tiny jar I’d bought. Waste not, want not! I’ve drawn a mandarin, too, because Juni and I both like them, but I haven’t yet added colour to it. Matt gave me the sales receipt from a bookshop for the “Books never die” printed on it, and I highlighted it with red.

During my stay, I also made this tiny book, covered in vintage kimono fabric (from KimoYES) as a sample for bigger books. I have started preparing the paper for the bigger version, although I think I left the fabric I want to cover them with in Canberra…I found the hemp cord in a bargain shop in Mawson, and plan to use it to stitch my books.IMG_5006 (Large)

This is the fabric I want to use on the covers – it’s quite old and I love the red and pink!