Friday Poem: Seminole

IMG_4652 (Large)We took a different route this time on our way to Canberra, going through Echuca (and Cactus Country in Strathmerton), staying the night in Urana (I’d never heard of it either….) and stopping for a break and coffee in Wagga Wagga. It was foggy when we left Urana, the vast flat empty landscape ghostly for miles, but by lunchtime at Gundagai, the sun was warm and we only had a couple more hours to go.IMG_4717 (Large)

This is a tiny poem, as alliterative as anything, and absolutely true!

I saw a woman in Wagga.
She was wearing
a Seminole skirt.

I was impressed.

IMG_4995 (Large)

I’ve been doing some sewing, and I keep thinking about than skirt, so I did a little bit of very simple Seminole patchwork yesterday. It can be much more colourful and complex than this, and requires precision and attention to detail. Not my usual style!

The Kurt Cobain quote that includes the words “you can be as sloppy as you want” is my favourite with good reason, although he did add the rider “as long as it’s good and has passion”, so not too sloppy…

2 thoughts on “Friday Poem: Seminole

  1. Smiling at this. The desert down under is a mirror of the deserts I inhabit. And your patchwork is wonderful. Cobain’s comment holds true and it’s something I, as a perfectionist, struggle with. The Amish People who do incredible quilting always add an imperfection in their work to remind them of who they are–imperfect.

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    • I think our climates are quite similar,we can have similar gardens, but Cactus Country is 10 acres of succulents, with and without prickles. Its like a portal to Arizona, or Mexico – amazing and strangely beautiful! Amish quilts are lovely, but I don’t need to plan imperfections – they happen naturally.;)


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