Creativity: Making a Book II

IMG_4872 (Large)

I’ve been doing a variety of creative things while I’m all alone with no distractions apart from the three cats (mainly Zelda…), including working on content in the book I made last week. It’s autumn (well, now winter) and there are plenty of colourful leaves to pick up. I’ve made rubbings (just like in primary School!), and made little paintings as well.

On a walk one day, I found a magenta button, and a clear red bead on the path (not together). I have sewn them on the front cover of my book to make a closure – I need something on the back, plus a string or cord to tie it together.

I’ve put the rest into a gallery – click on an image for a closer look. I’ve taken the book along on outings, and drawn at a bus stop and in a cafe, I’ve also done some drawing whilst watching Nirvana on YouTube with a cat on my lap (Zelda – who else). I painted a peony from a Japanese Kimono fabric, and Kurt from my Rolling Stone. On the opposite page (not shown) is a Kikki K sticker that says “Inspiration is all around you” – so true!


2 thoughts on “Creativity: Making a Book II

  1. Hi, I like the work you have done so far in your handmade book. I am impressed you put so much effort into creating the book as I too have attended workshops in book making in the past.

    I am too impatient to create my own book preferring to draw or make collages in ready made artist diaries.

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    • Thanks, Margaret!
      Being away from home, and normal chores, I’m having fun doing things I don’t usually find time for. I planned ahead that I would do some books while I’m here – I haven’t done much of the sewing I planned, though….


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