Weekly Photography Challenge: On The Way

This weeks Photography Challenge is to share photos taken “on the way” somewhere, and luckily, my files are well equipped for this challenge – whenever I’m on the way anywhere, I like to have a camera to hand, in case I see something photogenic. And because I’m looking, I end up seeing…(it’s a good reason for being a non-driver, I sometimes think).


These shots are all taken on the way from Philip to Mawson ACT, by foot. Canberra is blessed with a network of walking/bike paths, separate from roadways, and often passing underneath them, saving one the bother of waiting for lights, or for traffic to clear. It also has lots of ‘bush’ birds in residence, and is nicknamed the Bush Capital.

For different perspective, these are (as you can probably tell!) from an aeroplane, high in the sky. The first is looking down on Canberra, which I was able to recognize by Lake Burley Griffin and Capital Hill. The second is somewhere in California, spotted as we flew from LA to Seattle. The layout of streets is very unusual – in the shapes of birds and other creatures – and I’ve still no idea of the name of the place. If you do, please tell me – I’d love to know more! The last is, I think, Mt Hood. As one snow-capped strato volcano after another hove into view, I was both amazed and excited. Most of the passengers – American born and bred – didn’t seem to even look at them, preferring their little screens on the seat backs…