Creativity:Making a Book

I’m having a very quiet time in Canberra (or Canbrrr as I like to call it at the moment) with just my daughter’s three cats for company. With few distractions, the plan is to get on with some creative pursuits, and I packed accordingly. One of my projects is to make some more books, using the skills I learned from Adele Outteridge at Grampians Texture in March of this year. I had prepared the paper and card at home, making use of my guillotine to cut recycled paper packaging to size.IMG_4783 (Large)

All I had to do was fold and assemble the papers into sections before making the holes and then stitching them together.IMG_4789 (Large)

I used part of a paper bag as an end-paper at the front of my book. The bull dog clips are holding the freshly pasted layers together while they dry. I added a couple of stickers to complement the stamp already there.  IMG_4820 (Large)


I didn’t use an end paper at the back, partly because of the tape and sticker there from it’s previous incarnation as packaging, which I like the look of. I pasted on the disk, which was backing from the gold circle inside the front – which was itself  a leftover from an envelope seal…IMG_4818 (Large)

This page is a little short, a piece of the paper bag. I decided to turn it and the next page (heavy kraft paper from wrapping) into a pocket in which to store things like the business card you see peeping out. It’s from a business wittily called KimoYes, which is nearby. I used a glue stick along the two edges, and reinforced with staples.IMG_4817 (Large)

I’ve pasted a piece of handmade paper onto the front cover. The book is still a work in progress, but the basic structure is now in place.IMG_4793 (Large)

As it’s to be a sort of record of my stay, I’ve started to add some inspiring content. I found an appropriately worded horoscope and highlighted the bits I liked, then wrote those same words on the opposite page. For the record, I read another one for this same week that said I might be too broke to go anywhere and should just stay home!