Weekly Photography Challenge: Broken

The photography challenge for this week is to portray something ‘Broken’, a topic that struck a chord with Mike Hardisty! My choices are rather more domestic. It was my father-in-laws funeral just over a week ago (although it seems much much longer, what with coming up to Canberra to cat-sit so soon after!). After the service, the beautiful flowers are placed near the reception area, and the mourners are invited to take one (or a handful) as a memento. Otherwise they are discarded. I chose some orchids (he used to grow lots of them), delphiniums, leucadendrons and roses.

We were only home for a day before packing up for Canberra, where I will be for 3 weeks. It seemed a shame to leave the little bouquet, so I propped it, vase and all, in the boot of the car with everything else. And that is why it is a little bit broken in places – but still beautiful.

broken boots As are these sparkly punky pink boots I bought for Juni in an op shop/thrift store. They are probably still a bit big for her, but she loves to stomp around in them, resulting in some wear and tear in their shiny awesomeness.

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