Weekly Photography Challenge: Motion

Another week, another Photography Challenge – and this time the theme is “Motion”, the aim being to capture an image of something or someone on the move.IMG_4478 (Large)

This shot wasn’t meant to be of a kangaroo in motion, but he decided at the last moment that he didn’t like the look of me after all…

On Saturday, we celebrated my youngest son’s 24th birthday with the launching of a ‘space capsule’ via helium filled balloons, followed by a bonfire which included the remains of some old, unusable furniture. I couldn’t resist a shot of Alex, his mate and his Dad trooping down to the paddock with their balloons ready for take-off. They attached a message to the capsule – a la message-in-a-bottle – in hopes that someone will find it and and let them know.

After the fierce and fast-moving grass fire that narrowly missed our township (thanks to firefighters on land and in the air) in January, we are particularly keen to clean up potential fuel from around the garden now that we can safely burn it.A fire in action is always a compelling photo opportunity, but seeing a soggy old mattress blazing fiercely is a sobering reminder to be careful of flame in the home…

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