Creativity: Escape XX

Post number twenty of my altered book “Escape” – there are not many more pages to go now…

Escape 56


The text here is obscured with stickers of my art work, plus free-hand painting and stamps. The hand and heart art work was meant for a Christmas card design, but I wasn’t really happy with it for the card, and used something else. I bought the rusty heart cut-out somewhere, and added a copper washer on top with an enameled heart from a piece of jewelry inside it. The pixie is a drawing I did of Kurt Cobain, years ago, in response/reaction to my husband accusing me (incorrectly) of “drawing Kurt Cobain with butterfly wings all the time”. I did draw Kurt, and I did draw figures with wings, but this was the first (and only) time I combined them. The wings belong to the Monarch butterfly.

The original pencil drawing was photocopied, and the copy coloured with Derwent pencils, after which it was copied again. I had it printed on a tee shirt, at a time when that meant going to a place in Ballarat to have it done. Now anyone with a PC, a printer and an iron can do their own. Technology isn’t all bad! I’ve drawn over the version printed in here with a fine-tip pen, and painted over it a little to blend it into the page. Originally the dictionary definition was hand-lettered above the image, but this smaller version has the definition cut from an old dictionary – evidently an old one, because “pixilated” now means something else entirely… The word ‘explore” has been added in commercial and hand-carved stamps as well as hand-written. escape 57

The following page features a loose watercolour painting – a sort-of self-portrait (I used to have brightly multi-coloured hair) – with another note-to-self written around the edge of the page. At primary school, we were taught to write in straight, horizontal lines, which has its place, but when making art, rules need not apply, and you can write wherever you want!

It’s also the picture I used for my Gravatar.


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