Creativity: Escape XIX

escape 53

This page of my altered book “Escape” features a leaf from a shopping list, stuck down before the rest of the page was painted pink – not quite magenta. The drawing of a sweet pea is from the pattern on one of the pretty cups, but I don’t remember how Tutankhamen came to be there too! The camera stamp, like the shopping list pad, came from Typo, a rich source of cute and funky stationery and home wares. The dictionary style piece is a sticker, and I embellished it with a ‘precious’ sequin, picked up at Ararat Performing Arts Centre during a dance competition. A few more stamps pulls it all together.

Escape 54


The facing page is also painted pink, with some extra, hotter pink added on top and around the edges. A few select words are left uncovered. The wing stamps are a pair I carved. I did one, inked it and stamped it onto an identical eraser, then carved around the stamped image. Easy peasy mirror pair! I’ve used the same filigree rosette stamp as on the previous page, without re-inking it. Sometimes I just stamp randomly until there is no ink left – I especially like it with letter stamps I’ve used to make a name or message, working them over and over each other to make an abstract background.

Escape 55


The handwritten text here is one of my “notes to self”, an elaboration of the Sesame Street advice that “It ain’t bad to get mad” – because sometimes anger is the only reasonable response.


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