Weekly Photography Challenge: Afloat

I could have picked a boat for the Weekly Photography Challenge theme of “Afloat”, but I’ve gone for a smaller scale, and comestible, subject – the Lime and Coconut Delicious I made on Saturday. I’d spotted a recipe in a magazine, and jotted down the ingredients, but found they were wildly different from my much loved, often eaten Lemon Delicious. So I just swapped limes for the lemons, and threw in 4 tablespoons of desiccated coconut. It was delicious, and fits the theme because the beaten egg whites float during the making, and the cakey part is afloat on the delicious sauce at the end.

Yesterday I went to the market in Ararat, mainly looking for fresh veggies, but I couldn’t go past a pair of vintage sundae glasses for a modest $4!

I’m not sure what this is in the States (icecream soda?) but in Australia, it’s a Spider, and used to be available in every milk bar in the land, different flavours having odd arachnid names, as I recall. They are not so common these days, sadly, but now I have the glasses, I can make my own! It didn’t fizz like I remember – maybe because it’s soy ice cream. It is essential to drink it through a straw, though, in case you didn’t know…IMG_4233 (Large)


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