Creativity: Escape XVIII

Escape 49

On this page of my altered book “Escape”, I covered most of the text with half a torn big yellow sticker, and wrote my opinion about opinions over it with a black sharpie pen…I added a stamp of a bird cage and a smudge of paint down the outer edge. I left the words -“mother” and “Yes” because I am a mother of five, amongst other things.Escape 50

The next page is much softer in style and content – I do want to have harmony and some consistency in a book like this, but also contrasts and variety, otherwise it would be boring. And we don’t want that!

Most of the original text is again covered up, but this time with a sheet of handmade paper, and the notes-to-self concern my dream of opening a craft cafe, and the desire to experience live music as often as possible…The text at the top of the page I adjusted a little to suit the theme – and the final sentence was already fitting – so I have repeated it for emphasis. Of course I must open it! Just have to figure out all the details….escape 51

The next page looks rather messy and unresolved, I think…A print from a carved stamp coloured with watercolour paints, and a couple of commercial stamps for decoration. The paper is not the best for the watercolours, but it is bright and cheerful, obscuring the text, which isn’t.

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