Weekly Photography Challenge: Blur

This week, the photography challenge theme is “Blur”, and I’ve gone with a quite literal interpretation. The four blurred landscapes were taken from a moving car, during a long spring twilight, on our way home from my mother-in-law’s funeral last October. It had been a long day – a four hour drive either way, and a bitter-sweet occasion, since it was a family get-together as well, as funerals often are. It was such a glorious clear evening after Ballarat that I pulled my camera out of it’s bag to see what I could get. I love the blurry half-real results…

The last one was an accident – the camera was being slow about deciding whether there was enough light, and I jerked it just as it decided that, yes, there was…So I went again. This is what it should have looked like…IMG_4148 (Large)

Lucie’s big lazy cat, Albus (aka Albert), who lives with my parents, and was enjoying a nap in their nice warm lounge on a chilly autumn day.


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