Creativity: Escape XVII

Escape 46

Creativity is often linked with suffering – the idea has a long tradition. Maybe it’s because the creative life brings joy and freedom, on a mental level at least, to the creator, so that someone who suffers has added incentive to create. On this page of my altered book, “Escape”, I pasted a sheet of note paper over the text, wrote myself a note on it, and stamped on a hand-carved image – which is blurred a little, probably from the moisture in the paste. “Explore” is another carved stamp, and a reminder of an important factor in creativity. “Try it and see” doesn’t always have the result I would have liked, but I can always learn something from it!Escape 47

In a “try it and see” state of mind, the next page was painted over with just watercolour, a portrait of a cup and saucer – very colourful, but with the original text clearly visible (and somewhat gloomy…) I’m not sure I like the result. I did cover a bit of the offending text with a home made sticker, featuring a photo of a cross-stitched teapot. The embroidery is the work of my daughter Zoe.Escape 48

I did have an open studio once, for the Moyston Art Show (now sadly defunct). It was kind of fun, but since my studio is pretty much my house, it took a lot of setting up. I’d like to do it again someday…I think.

I covered most of this page with a sheet of notepaper, torn up to fit, and to frame a scrap from an art magazine with the words “open studio”, then I repeated the words with shiny gold stickers. The image of the  collage  was printed onto sticker paper, which had lost it’s stickiness – so I improvised and stuck it down with the lacy black frame, bought in the craft section of a cheap shop.

The craft section of a cheap shop is always worth a look for the artful and crafty, because they randomly stock all kinds of useful and interesting bits and pieces…from time to time. Explore!


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