Weekly Photography Challenge: Ephemeral

IMG_4064 (Medium)

So many wonderful things just come and go, and we must enjoy them while we can. Less enjoyable things also come and go, so that we can comfort ourselves wit the thought that “this too shall pass”.

The Photography Challenge theme for this week is Ephemeral – capturing fleeting moments in a photo. I had a market stall at the Anstey Village Block Party yesterday, arriving at the corner of Florence and Breese Streets at around 11am on a gloriously sunny autumn morning. My daughter and I unpacked all the goodies I’d brought, and set them out on our borrowed table.IMG_4044 (Medium)

Crowds of locals came and went as the afternoon went by, live music, free food and customers making it an enjoyable experience. I enjoyed a cool cup of iced lemon and ginger tea from a local cafe, which had set up a pop up version of the business in the market.

Late in the afternoon, my eldest son arrived to help me pack up what was left before we drove off into the sunset…As we headed west, the sun appeared as a huge, blazing golden disc, and spectacular as it was, we were very glad when it disappeared below the horizon at last. All things shall pass….


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