Creativity: Escape XVI


This week, I bring a few more pages from my altered book, “Escape”, with it’s theme of creativity – and the freedom and joy that go with it. This page was covered in pink and yellow acrylic paint, with a touch of ‘Kirkwood’ over the top, picked up from the opposite page. When something like that happens, you can either think “Disaster!”, and try to fix it, or “Serendipity!”, and go along with it – I generally choose to go with it, as I like to have some randomness and surprises popping up as I work.  Coloured pencil and stickers add a bit more colour, while the text is a ‘note to self’.Escape44

I took  photos of a back lane in Aberdeen Washington some years ago – I like the balance of the regular shapes of buildings and power lines and the down-at-heel look of the backs of buildings. The page on the left has a copy of a drawing I did from one of the photos, and opposite that is a print, from a carved stamp, of the same scene. Being the last page of a chapter, there was very little text, so I printed directly on the page for once.

While I was editing the pics of pages ready to post, I had a play around with some of the images. Here is the Aberdeen alley-way drawing again. In the first image, I have increased the saturation so that what colour there is is much stronger – I then inverted the colour for the second version – day and night, perhaps! I haven’t used any copies like this in a book, or not yet, anyway…It would will be fun to make a series of variations like this on a set of images, and make or alter a book to hold them.


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