Creativity: Escape XV


Back with my altered book “Escape” this week…The left-hand page of this spread was roughly painted over with ‘dirty’ acrylic, giving uneven colour, and over top of that background I have doodled bright colours of  Peerless watercolours, trying out both the paints and a marvellously portable Aquash brush which has a reservoir of water in it’s handle. They are available online from the lovely Jane Davenport’s Institute of CuteEscape41

Both pages have  fragments of a photo from an Ararat Regional Art Gallery  show  – the artist had made a giant graffiti piece on the wall to complement his ceramics exhibition (hence the spray can). I put him in because I liked his work, but now I can’t remember his name…David something, I think –  should have included it somewhere! An old dictionary is good for cutting out definitions of words used on the page – or just for fun.Escape42

Another page on which I obscured the text with “Kirkwood” paint, leftover from painting our dining room (waste not, want not!) I left a few fragments of text, which gain fresh meaning for being redacted. The page is edged with scribbly layers of coloured pencil, framing the “notes to self”, written in fine Sharpie and my own evolving font.


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