Weekly Photography Challenge: Orange (I’m Glad)


I like orange a lot – especially teamed up with pink – so for this weeks Photography Challenge theme it’s more a matter of narrowing down the options than finding something to ‘fit’.

According to some experts, the colour orange symbolises (and promotes) joy. It is certainly a lively colour, and from the ‘hot’ end of the spectrum, it might be less welcome in summer than winter. I was a bit concerned about that when I painted our compact lounge room in a shade of orange somewhere between pumpkin and terracotta, but as it’s been that colour for several years and no one has complained, I guess it’s OK!

Here are five images of orangeness – a corner of our lounge, a paper lantern I made (with a candle glowing inside), a fabulous vintage demi-tasse coffee cup and saucer (I have three, each a different colour combo), a luscious orange nasturtium flower, and a painting I saw at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra last weekend.  Unfortunately, the exhibition, “In The Flesh”, finished the following day, but you can view many of the images on the website. The huge painting (there’s a man partly in view for scale) is “Recruit (self portrait in the image of my son)”, by Michael Peck. Stunning! And orange.

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