Weekly Photography Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

As a rule, minimalism isn’t my thing…so this weeks Photography Challenge is a real challenge! However, the instructions for this Rule of Thirds post inspired me to investigate the “creative” settings on my camera at last, so that’s a good thing!

Oh! That’s what that does! Expect more bokeh in my work from now on…

I’ve included an image I took in Olympia WA  in 2011 for it’s simplicity. The others are brand new – regrowth from a eucalypt, my pretty bead curtain and one of my ‘found object’ pendants.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

  1. Do you use the grid on your focusing screen in your camera? I’ve been a photographer for about 25 years, and if you have a grid or focusing brackets in your camera, it makes Rule of Thirds easier to compose and see in previsualization. One of my favorite cameras in the Canon EOS10s (35mm film). It has 3 focusing brackets that makes rule of thirds second nature!!!
    Great start! Keep it up!

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      • I just googled the 450D focusing screen– it has 9 focusing points (the little things that light p and beep when something is in focus). A fun way to play with rule of thirds with this kind of focusing screen is to put your camera into program or manual mode (not the green square! Or the other modes) and then change your focusing point to either the far right or the far left focusing point. Then you are forced to compose around that point. (The 35mm EOS10s had 3 focusing points, so it made it super easy!) I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk2, so I’m familiar with the 9 points like your 450 has. It’s easy to select the different focusing points. And it’s fun to play with it!


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