Friday Poems, and an Unsent Letter

I signed up for Writing 201: Poetry, thinking it would be a good stimulus for writing poetry, but so far I am well behind on the (absolutely optional) assignments. It’s been a busy week and poetry has been pushed to the backburner.

However, I had an hour or so in a cafe yesterday morning and half an hour today, just me, my notebook and pen and a soy cappuccino…I couldn’t remember all the details of the prompts, but I did manage to produce a limerick and an acrostic – my subject being dictated by the date today, being Kurt Cobain’s birthday…

cp posterised


There was a young man out of Aberdeen
Who made a big splash in the Grunge Scene;
He played his guitar
And camped in his car,
But was known round the world for his scream.

A little bit of alliteration, even!Rock Band Nirvana --- Image by © Mark Seliger/CORBIS OUTLINE

Kounter Dominator Culture
Under all circumstances
Relationship is everything
Try to be kind.

Some internal rhyme, would have been more if I took the time…nirvana in suits newHey, Kurt,

Not 48 today.Not fretting about a paunch, or greying in the beard. No dad jokes, or dad dancing, none of that for you. What if you hadn’t died like that? What if you were still in the world, passe not cool. What if something different had happened in the long chain of events that was your life? What if you turned a different corner, turned a corner in your psyche and healed those old wounds? What if?

Ewan McGregor is too old now to play you in the movie of your life. But what if there was a what if movie? Ewan could play you, the retired rock-god, selling CDs (or would it be vinyl, you hipster) out of the boot of your car, criss-crossing the country, enjoying the scenery, camping in the car when business was poor. And going back to the farm and the home studio whenever you felt like it. Probably you’d have published a book or two since quitting the day job. Plenty of people embark on a career they think they want, only to find out it doesn’t suit them after all – so they quit, retrain, do something else. Why not you? I suppose you would have met up with Dave and Krist (and Pat) sometime in the last five years, and started jamming for old times sake, which would have been fun. Then you would have thought about recording, and maybe some shows. A show here and there might have led to a world tour – would you have been up for that? It happened for the Pixies and they seem to be coping – although Kim left after a while to go back to the Breeders…

What else can I say? Is a Nirvana reunion the apotheosis of the story? For my What If movie, starring Ewan McGregor as Kurt Cobain as a middle aged ex-rock star…I suppose it would be. And it would be heaps better than Rock of Ages – just saying…

Footnote: I mention Ewan McGregor because he is a fine actor and, not long after Kurt died, was mistaken (by a couple of very drunk people) for Kurt’s ghost. Why Kurt’s ghost would be wandering around London was not explained.

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