Weekly Photography Challenge: Depth

This week’s photography challenge is deeply challenging – Depth! – and as ever, it is wide open to interpretation. Two peach tree seedlings came up from compost – really too close to the house, but I left them to grow anyway. This year we have been rewarded with some fruit – 5 nectarines, and 1 white fuzzy peach. One nectarine is missing because I ate it, or what was left after tram bugs and earwigs (deep in the centre – luckily I cut it in half…) had first go at it. It was delicious, with that great depth of flavour that only freshly picked sunwarmed fruit can have.

deep taste

These sections of my bookshelves are just the tip of a very deep iceberg of books…I have a lot more. Some of the titles in these pics are very deep also!

There are books of poetry (alongside various dolls), children’s classics, and a lot of psychology, philosophy, biography and spirituality – breadth as well as depth!

Creativity: A List And A Gallery

studio 16

My creativity post for this week is basically a list of many of the tools and materials I have and use to make art, accompanied by some photos I took  this morning of the stuff- tools and materials- I have in my studio. I think the more there is, the wider the range of possibilities, but on the other hand, maybe it’s time I had a little tidy up and tamed the chaos just a little!

Two hole and single whole punches
Staplers, regular and long arm
Double sided adhesive tape and dots
Duct tape and masking tape, including washi
Adhesive mesh tape (used to join plaster sheets)
Clip rings to bind altered postcard books

Craft knives and steel rule
Cutting mats
Various glues (paste and white glue 1/2 and 1/2 mix for papers)
Sample pots of house paints
Stamps and stamp ink pads
Stickers,including ‘frames’ from postage stamps
Self-made stickers, using ink-jet printable sheets
Laminator and sheets
Printer & PC
Wet tea bags for staining paper
Big sewing needles (all sorts of needles, actually, since I sew)
Pliers of various types and wire cutters
File to smooth metal and plastic pieces
Erasers, Easy-carve blocks and Japanese woodcarving tools
Brayer and small paint rollers