Creativity: Designer Date

On Monday, I went to NGV in Melbourne, and queued up with lots of other people (mainly female) to see the big exhibition of the work of French fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Visitors are not just allowed to take photos – they are encouraged to do so, and to share them on social media. It’s a little challenging, because of mainly low light, and crowds of other people milling about, but an eye-popping show, both for the clothes and the way they are exhibited! The quote featured on a wall is “To conform is to give in”, which certainly illuminates the designers approach to his creative life.IMG_3216 (Large)



Some of the garments, whilst creative, are eminently wearable and elegant. Others were only ever meant for the catwalk – no mere mortal would leave the house in them. I did overhear some conversation that was all about garment construction and embellishments. The beading on some pieces was incredible and beautiful. IMG_3274 (Large) (2)


This knitted and crochet jacket was very impressive – but not beyond the skills of many craftswomen…it would certainly help to have a team on the job, though…

I loved this tartan punk-inspired outfit – even thought about the mohair travel rug I have at home, but I suspect it would be much too warm, not to mention itchy!IMG_3240 (Medium)

I tried to get a closer shot of the jeweled neck piece, but without a tripod, it was not to be. The various rooms of the exhibition had themes based on M. Gaultier’s enormous and varied output – mermaids, sorceresses, sci-fi, punk, the famous pointy bras and more. It’s worth seeing if you are in or near Melbourne, but be quick, because it ends on the 8th of February. I’d suggest booking on-line to save queuing, also.

Unless you enjoy shuffling along in a winding line…

The surprise highlight for me was this Anton Corbjin portrait of Kurt Cobain. I was familiar with that photo, but had no idea he was wearing a garment from a Jean Paul Gaultier pret-a-porter collection…I would not have been surprised if it was from a thrift store, but there you go!IMG_3277 (Large)



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