Friday Poem: Summer

This is from the vault, but it’s summer again, so I though I’d share it. After the big fire two weeks ago, we have had more than 30ml of welcome rain, and some really cool days – so the landscape is not so very dry just now, thankfully.bird bath

Grey sheep on the grey bank of a dam
In the summer landscape.

The shorn paddock lies
Bleached and drying in the sun.

Blue bowl of sky,
Dirty with clouds at the edges.

White hot sun floats
Higher by the minute.

The land is hot and thirsty
And the heavens bare and dry.


The ‘shorn’ paddock in this photo had also been burnt a week or so before I took the photo. Now that we’ve had some appreciable rain, a faint veil of green is appearing from the bare earth. If the weather turns hot and dry again (as it well may) the new plants might not survive, but for the moment, they are a very welcome sight!cactus

This cactus, a forbidding denizen of my eldest son’s old cactus patch, is not bothered by hot and dry, or cold and wet, and stays green all the time. It just stands there looking handsome but unfriendly all year long…


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