Weekly Photography Challenge: New

The first Weekly Photography Challenge theme for the new year is — “new”. I was at a bit  of a loss with this one – what new thing could I photograph, what do I want to do this year that’s new – and nothing was really calling to me. But I went for a walk this morning to photograph some of the aftermath of the big grass fire that just missed our little town on Jan 2, and I’ve picked out 10 of those to show you…The new water level in the school dam, the new roadside, stripped of everything but trees and ash and unburnable litter, the cemetery, blackened in places and a view of Mt William made new by the frame of a burnt, fallen tree.

This is how we began the new year, but we really don’t want more of it, thanks very much! Here is one of the helicopters over our house on Jan 2 – that was new, too. We have never seen so many aircraft over Moyston, never want to again, but are extremely grateful for their work in fighting the fire.helicopter


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