Weekly Photography Challenge: Warmth

It’s been a busy week, since we’ve had lot’s of visitors staying with us for our delayed cactus-themed Christmas celebration. Having a lively fifteen-month old grandchild in the house certainly keeps everybody on their toes and occupied for all her waking hours! This week’s Photography Challenge theme is “Warmth”, and it’s going to be warm here today – around 40C, which is 104F – so it seems appropriate to post it today!

My daughter Lucie made cactus Christmas crackers with help from Alex, and I supplied them with a variety of flowers. I’ve been saving stray artificial flowers from my volunteer job at an op shop/thrift store for some time, with a view to making a flower crown, but for Christmas, they crowned the cacti with their warm and pretty colours. We know it’s warm when the cicadas emerge to sing in the sunshine, and I was lucky enough to find this big fellow last week while he was low enough in the Allocasuarina for me to get some photos before he flew off. We had a BBQ tea one night, 8 adults and 1 Juniper around the table in the garden on a warm evening, with bunting fluttering in the breeze – and us fending of the hungry mosquitoes…After her bath one night, Juni was sporting an excellent Mohawk hairstyle, with a game of cricket on the TV in the background. Warm summer days go together like…warm summer days and cricket!

I wish everybody a healthy and happy New Year, even though it’s hard to believe that another one has come around again already!


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