Christmas Poem: Present

I’m getting in early with a poem this week, after missing last Friday – it’s a busy time of year for many people, unfortunately…I wish you joy, however, and the presence of those you love, whatever holiday you keep (or don’t keep).



May I be
Present in this present day;
No bells, no sleigh, no reindeer in the snow
Is better than the gift of being now.

So may I be here present with my loves,
Be in this moment simply with my friends;
Above all gifts with wrapping tied in bows,
May I present my presence as a gift-
Empathic, peaceful, with a loving heart.DSCF4524 (Medium)

Just for fun, here’s the original of the image at the top – before I went to town on it with digital magic!

DSCF4757 (Medium)

And what would Christmas be without a John Lennon classic, “Imagine”. This UNICEF Armenia version comes with extra sugar – but so does Christmas breakfast! Besides, Serj Tankian (of System of a Down and Axis of Justice) was involved…

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