Creativity: Really Easy and Quick Festive Bunting

All you need is a length of string, a packet of tiny pegs, and a small collection of festive fabric – plus maybe half an hour of your precious time!

I had a little stash of shiny fabrics – silver, gold, sequined – and when I found a pack of shiny gold pegs (intended for displaying Christmas cards), I knew what to do with them. I cut strips of the fabrics, of varying width, two of each, except for the sequins, which was too small to cut up (I thought). With the sequins at the centre, I arranged the rest either side, folding them in half over the string, and pegging them on, as for laundry on a line. A couple have only one peg, because otherwise I wouldn’t have enough pegs.

Tie a loop at each end, to hang it with, and it’s done! I think that the plain wooden tiny pegs you can buy in crafty shops would look really good with a range of neutral fabrics – a bit Scandi, perhaps. Or you could go all out with Christmas prints, or Retro cool prints or….what ever you like really!DSCF9220 (Medium)

Morgen really likes the holographic silver remnant. Maybe it felt cool on this warm summer’s day, or maybe she just likes to sleep on any piece of fabric I happen to put down on a horizontal surface…


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