Creativity: (Almost) Instant Lightshade

A quick post today, I hope…After painting one wall of my sewing room, and re-organising things in there as a consequence, I felt it was time to update the light fitting. The frame originally had a handpainted silk shade, which I did about 30 years ago to match curtains in the lounge, where it hung for years. It then spent some time ‘in the shed’, the silk perishing with age, until I steeled myself and tore it off. I dressed the now-naked shade with a piece of mutton cloth, which I’d dyed in shades of orange. I just stretched it onto the frame, and stitched it at regular intervals. Nice enough, but it had been there for too long now, and I snipped the stitches and took it off.old shade

I’d got bored with it earlier, and tied a bit of gauze around it…I’m like that! For my new one, I found a crochet table runner long enough to go around the shade, fastening it with little gold safety pins along the ‘seam’. I then threaded some narrow ribbon through the ‘top’, pulling it up to fit the rounded top of my shade. A drum shade would be even easier! I now think a lining of a thin white or cream fabric would have made for a softer effect when the light is on, but that’s for another day.almost-instant lightshade

My new shade is both hipster-ish and nana-ish, but maybe they are the same thing.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

If something isn’t working for you anymore, take a look around the house (or an op shop/thrift store). Maybe you can fix it your way…

Just do it, as the Greek goddess of victory said….


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