Weekly Photography Challenge: Twinkle

Less than two weeks before Christmas, and all the other twinkly holidays around this time of year, the theme for the Weekly Photography challenge is “Twinkle” – “find a light source and a reflective surface in order to capture a twinkle”… That should be pretty simple to achieve at present, what with fairy lights and shiny decorations all over our houses, shops and streets in celebration of the season…

Some of these are Christmas decor, but as I like shiny things (and rusty things, but that’s for another day!) there are plenty of things around my house that twinkle and gleam (especially if I dust them first). Our Christmas tree this year is the dried flower stem of an agave – lots of hanging points, but unyielding, so tricky to get through the door. It also lacks the piney smell that proclaims that Christmas is coming, so this morning I picked a few bits of radiata pine to compensate.

a twinkle of cups


This twinkly set of demi-tasse coffee cups and saucers was given to me by my late friend Rose. There should be 6 cups, but I broke one (dusting!) and 5 looked wrong. She told me they were a 21st birthday present, so they are now 53 years old, genuine vintage. I probably should use them sometimes, but it would have to be a special occasion to justify using such pretty and delicate things.

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