Friday Poem: Travelling Deeper

It’s been quite a few years since I wrote this, partly in an effort to work out where I was ‘at’, flooded as I was with new ideas and fresh attitudes. While the journey no longer seems so utterly strange and unfamiliar, it still goes on, and I don’t doubt that plenty of other people have had, or are having, similar experiences and might identify with the imagery.IMG_9734 (Small)

It seems I’ve crossed a border
And entered another country.
It is unmapped territory:
Only a few have come this way before,
But they have blazed the trees,
And built beacons on the hills,
And I am penetrating deeper every day.
Sometimes I feel a little lost,
The landscape is so strange to me.
I stumble and turn aside,
And sit down by the way.
Sitting and wondering,
I see the next marker,
And rise refreshed to start again;
And I am penetrating deeper every day.

IMG_9737 (Small)

It can be unsettling, not to mention discombobulating, to come to the realisation that what you have always taken for granted is not the only way to see the world and all that is in it. It was my experience that books seemed to appear regularly, by authors who did in fact view the world differently, and also who described odd experiences that resonated with what had been happening for me. Hence the signposts, and blazed trees.

There did indeed seem to be “more things in heaven and earth than  I had dreamed of in my philosophy”…and more than “only a few” had been there ahead of me!DSCF7689 (Small)


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