Creativity: Inspiration Board

I upgraded my inspiration/mood/notice board this week. It’s had a long evolution, starting out as a display vehicle for earrings and other jewelry about ten years ago. I bought a large stretched cotton canvas, and, leaving it white, I strung wire horizontally across it (‘landscape’), winding the wire into thumbtacks/drawing pins pushed into the sides of the wooden frame. The earrings were then hooked over the wires, the different prices indicated on swing tags knotted onto each wire. We used it for a couple of years, then found something else, and it lay idle in the shed. Until…an inspirarion board

I needed somewhere to pin up  souvenirs and bits and pieces, and hung it in ‘portrait’ fashion, so that the wires are vertical. Tiny pegs and paper clips hold pieces in place on the wire, while some bigger sheets simply slot behind the wires. It remained much the same, moving from one room to another, new things added – usually on top of what was already there. Until…an inspirarion board 2

I was painting a wall in what is now the sewing room, and needed to take down the heavy laden inspiration board. In doing so, I removed most of the treasures that had built up over its surface, and put them aside. I looked at the white canvas, I looked at the can of pale pink paint…I decided it was time for an overhaul. I painted directly over the wires and the tags that were still there, letting them stick down in the paint. I then decided some paper pattern tissue would be nice, so I found my bag of stray bits of pattern from the op shop/thrift store and selected a rectangular piece that I was sure I’d never need for anything else, and smoothed it down over the wet paint with my hands. When I got paint on my hands, I wiped it over the pattern, visually softening it. Once it was dry, I got to work on refilling it, returning some of the old display, and adding some new ones.

I ‘unstuck’ some of the wire, so I could tuck things behind it, and left some as it was. There are still a few reminders of our trip to Washington State in 2011 (the house I wish I’d seen in Olympia), inspiring fabric pieces, postcards, a photo of my youngest wearing practically everything in the dress-up box a long time ago…a vintage instruction for measuring oneself for a bra, which came in the middle of a pack of bias tape(!), one of my collection of pairs of long white gloves, still in it’s original bag, a printed-off drawing by Meatpuppet Cris Kirkwood… all sorts of things! I’m sure it will be added to – that’s what it’s for!


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