Weekly Photography Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

When is a photograph like a cake? When it takes you back to memories of things past…This weeks photography challenge theme is “Gone, but not forgotten”, which could be anything from your now-grown-up baby’s shoes to the crumbs from your afternoon tea treat. I’ve chosen to go with memories of Christmas past – a bit Proust, a bit Dickens!

The very retro Santa and angels turned up at the Salvos, where I volunteer once a week. Luckily I spotted them in the bin and rescued them from oblivion. If only they could tell me about all their Christmas’s past!

The card I came across recently – it was from my Great grandmother, in 1975, when Simon was a little baby. She died around ten years later, aged 96, her health gone, but her mind as sharp as ever. She made the best ever quince jam in her day, and loved romance novels, chopped wood in her eighties and, as a child, could fell a playmate who was running away by throwing a stick between their legs. My older daughter’s third name is for her, using the only one of her three names that she actually liked – Sarah. She was known all her life as Queeny, although the stick-throwing doesn’t sound very regal to me!

The chrome and red glass sugar and creamer set was our gift to my in-laws for their Ruby wedding 25 years ago. This year, Bryan’s mother returned it, for ours. Since she died recently, the set has an extra poignancy, and pride of place. The card next to it is the first for this year, from friends who are always the first…she’s so efficient, her card always a reminder that it’s about time I got on with ours!

The Christmassy installation on top of the old stereogram is a mix of old and new, with a piney coniferous theme, mementos of the past and potential mementos for the future. I’ll have to remove it before toddler Juniper comes for Christmas, but in the meantime it helps remind me get in the right mood.

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