Friday Poem: Kath

Kath was an elderly lady who was brought to church every Sunday from residential care, maintaining her lifelong place in the church community. She had entered that stage of life sometimes called a second childhood, her behaviour freed from the constraints of being ‘proper’. I don’t recall what the hymn was, but I’m fairly sure it was in waltz time…IMG_2356 (Medium)

This morning
Old Kath got up in church
And danced before the Lord.
Simple, artless, profound;
Beautiful expression of joy,
Slow feet and twisted hands,
A child-like smile;

But she knows something
The rest of us have lost
And she has wings.IMG_2357 (Medium)

I didn’t take photos in church – I don’t think I even had a mobile phone, let alone one with a camera back then- so I’m using these photos I took recently of a joyous and noisy nursery flock of galahs (aka Roseate Cockatoos). They’ve had an exceptional year, for some reason. Local farmers certainly haven’t, what with lack of rain and late, brutal frosts. I have never seen so many ‘immatures’ together, which is why I went out with the camera. Of course they took off instead of continuing to feed on the roadside, and I kept snapping as they flew past. They then alighted on a power line, shrieking and flapping and being generally entertaining.




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