Creativity: Escape IX

Escape 27

A curious coincidence – When I painted over the text on this page of my altered book, “Escape”, I left a few words uncovered, then decorated around them with flower stamps, plus a hummingbird. The artwork of the added page is by Melbourne artist Kim Hoa Tram – I saw an exhibition of his work at the National Gallery of Victoria, including this work, “Awakening”,  which depicts a live sparrow grieving over a dead one. It seemed a good complement to the redacted text on the opposite page, and it’s beautiful.Escape 28

Behind the flap, a photo of Nirvana cut out of a magazine, and hand-coloured and stamped over. I kept the word “smiling” uncovered from the original text, even though no one is in the photo…

Escape 29


With a concert DVD and a few watercolours and/or a pen, one can explore doing ‘life’ drawings, such as the one here. It’s possible to cheat a bit, and pause the DVD, or work really quickly form a fleeting image. I’m not sure where the piece of paper came from – I liked the words, and added the girl’s face. I have never physically made a bonfire on a beach , but it’s a favourite mental exercise of mine to imagine a beach and a big bonfire of drift wood, onto which I toss whatever it is I need to remove from my life. A Sense of Duty is a regular for this – it gets in the way of art, far too often. It’s good to “draw in the margin of your days”, but it’s possibly even better to draw in the middle of them as well!


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