Friday Poem: Discourse

I had a bit of fun with this poem (a lot of fun, actually). I once heard someone on the radio say that “Just because it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it isn’t true”, which I found quite profound. I’m fairly sure it was on The Coodabeen Champions, a lighthearted and lightweight show about AFL “footy”, not known for being deep and meaningful.IMG_2066 (Small) However, that jokey insight helped form this poem.

Are symbols real?
Although a symbol
Is not really
What it symbolises
It may be
A real symbol-
A symbol of a real thing
Or real concept-
So although the symbol
Is not really what is symbolised
By the symbol
It is in fact real
Insofar as that
It really symbolises
The idea, concept or thing
Which is real.
In this way
A myth is a true story
Because although the story
May not be literally true
In the sense of historical events,
What is symbolised in the story
Is true and real and actual
In another sense.
Anything at all can function
As a symbol,
And stand for something else
Which is true;
And that’s a fact!laneway 5 (Small)

I’ve picked out some recent photos that include symbols, or objects that are symbolic representations of something real…IMG_2181 (Small)I bought this symbolic snowflake last year at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore Cafe in North Perth, during my three month stay there after my grand daughter was born. I enjoyed a lot of coffee, and chai, and the occasional Portuguese custard tart. And some books. So all of that is symbolised for me by this pretty white tissue paper frippery!


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