Creativity: Escape VIII

Escape 24 (Medium)

This  page from my altered book “Escape” was first printed with a hand-carved stamp, which didn’t come up very well – so…I painted over parts of it with bright pink and orange Peerless watercolours, for a start. A piece of text – incorporating some song lyrics to produce life advice – curls around  the centre of the page, where I stuck the word ‘precious’, from a sheet of scrapbooking stickers. Another from the same sheet appears on the facing page, which is an advertising flyer for the wonderful film of that name. ( I think it may have been released under a different name in the States). I also added flowers and a butterfly, and more advice for making your spirit soar. Escape 25 (Medium)

I had glued the flyer to a half-page, leaving some  of the original text visible. You can’t see it in this photo, but I wrote “Sabine women carry swords and know how to use them” along the outer edge. I redacted a few words of the book page, and painted it with more of the Peerless colours.

The text on the opposite page is a play on the title of Jeannette Winterson’s memoir – something her unhappy, well-behaved mother said to her. I much prefer my version!Escape 26 2 (Large)

I wrote the text first – with a big fat Sharpie – and then crossed out the original text, working around the letters. Colour was added later. Very simple for a simple message!

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