Weekly Photography Challenge: Achievement

Another tricky theme this week for the Weekly Photography Challenge – Achievement! I certainly haven’t run any marathons, but I do have five (grown) children, which is probably tougher. It certainly takes longer – I’m not sure where the finish line would be…I didn’t choose motherhood for my photos this week, though.

In February this year, our iconic local Hall celebrated it’s centenary, with a lot of help from us, the tiny, hardworking Moyston Hall Committee. The building was erected by the local community – much larger back then. One of the first functions was to farewell local lads who were off to join the ANZACs, not that any of them had any idea what they were in for…1914 committee (Medium)

This is the 1914 committee, and it wasn’t even Movember!

Our Hall has a proper raked stage and proscenium arch, even though it is quite tiny, and the acoustics and dance floor are excellent – some achievements of the original builders. The original bench seats are still there. Some of them are not the best, but it seems wrong to part with them after all this time. Thousands of cups of tea and coffee have been served from the kitchen (not the original, which was a dark affair with a copper in the corner – less than thirty years ago). The new kitchen is another achievement of our community! One wall is adorned with portraits of early settlers, some of them wrongly named over the years. They were researched as much as possible in the lead-up to the Centenary, and that information, along with a history of the Hall and some photos we managed to track down of events over the years, went into a book which was printed with the help of a grant and sold to everyone interested.

The weekend of the Centenary saw the Hall packed for the book launch (and afternoon tea – I think we made another hundred or so cuppas). All the memorabilia we had gathered was on display all weekend, and on the Saturday night, we had a Ball. A popular local duo – Parso and Dave – provided the music, everyone dressed up and had a really good time. I think the last few guests left around 2 am, with us old people waiting to lock up and go home to bed. The whole weekend was a major achievement for a small rural community!

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