Friday Poem: Visitors

galleryOne of my jobs as volunteer at Ararat Regional Art Gallery, is to keep a count of our visitors. I would have had no hope of counting this group myself, but fortunately Kris, their teacher, wrote the number in the visitor’s book…paperblooms

In the gallery this morning
32 children
32 four and five year olds
Noisy, colourful and curious
a crowd, a flock, a swarm
Like a flock of lorrikeets
as noisy
as colourful
as curious
as that
Darting from work to work
Looking not touching:
Then they are gone.crobot

I don’t have any photos of the surprise visit from Jack and Jill Kinder, so I picked three that seem to fit. The one of the Gallery entrance, I took after completing a yarnbomb to celebrate the Gallery’s fortieth birthday. You can see me reflected in the glass of the door. That’s the door the Kinder kids came through (with 12 adults, I should add!). The paper flowers are on the office desk in the gallery. We were making them for Children’s Week – school children made hundreds for an installation in the Ararat Library. The arigurumi crobot (that’s ‘crocheted robot) is just a curious and colourful little character.

The children looked at (but didn’t touch!) an exhibition of quilts by local and regional artists ,”Integrate/Separate”,  “Organic Intimacy”, featuring works from “ten women artists working with a range of textile related processes”, and a small selection of works from the Gallery’s permanent collection. Hopefully some of those youngsters might have acquired a taste for art and art galleries, and come and visit us again!


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