Creativity: Escape VII

Escape 21


The first page of my “Escape” altered book this week is wildly multi-coloured, breaking away from the pink and yellow colour scheme of most of the book. Because variety is the spice of life. The text is a piece of opinion by me – I could go on (and on), but I won’t, for now.The  original text was obliterated with white acrylic paint, which I then went over with Inktense pencils, drawing out the colour with a wet brush. The thicker the Inktense goes on, the more colour you get from wetting it, which can get messy fast – best to practice on something like a journal page!

Escape 22


On these pages,I’ve pasted appealing images from advertising, and added colour (and an extra clock). Like nine out of ten interiors in decorating magazines, the room was white – how dull. I painted it orange – much better! I’ve been drawing that heart design for years – a symbol for me of peace love empathy.

Escape 23


Lastly for today, a detail of the Julia Cameron quote. For fun, I stamped the ‘A’ in an out-size capital. For journaling, altering books and mixed media in general, it is not possible to have too many alphabet stamps! There are so many – different sizes, different fonts, different price points, and you can find a use for them all. You just have to know where they are…

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