Creativity: Escape VI

Escape 19

These pages of my altered book “Escape” were first roughly painted to obscure the original text. The drawing was scanned and then printed on a translucent paper and pasted in. The shell stamp and extra text were added later. The checks of the doodled bit were ‘painted’ with a little water, using the water soluble nature of the ink-jet print to my advantage. It doesn’t always work that way! If soluble ink is going to be a problem, maybe get a copy done on a laser printer – then you can play around with the image as you wish, and still have the original.

The other page features a quote – “What we enjoy and value influences the life choices we make.” – Lilian Wissink , “the creative seed”,

and a part of an ad torn from an art magazine. I’m calling on myself for proposals for life choices I’d like to make! The drawing is a very vague artist’s impression of one of my house dreams…and an old church would make a fine craft cafe/gallery, once I find it!Escape 20

This page I slathered with white acrylic paint, scraping it on with an old plastic card (eg a credit card, or used gift card). The pink and yellow are watercolours, added once the acrylic was dry. The word “love” in the old text is preserved. The church sticker on the previous page disguises the back of the shiny gold heart stud, and there’s some dry Inktense stick rubbed along the edges of the page. I don’t plan what will be on any page – often I’ll add random marks throughout a book just because I have a new art supply to try out, or if I’ve rediscovered an old one. The lettering style I used for the Mary Atwood quote is fun and completely undisciplined – I have to remember to loosen up to do it, otherwise I accidentally revert to primary school neatness… Being true to oneself as a unique individual can be challenging for women especially, as we were generally raised to be relentlessly “nice” and therefore obliging to what everyone else wants. Not helpful for an artist life!


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