Creativity: Escape V

Here’s a page of my altered book “Escape” that has been painted with house paint, rubbed over with pink pencil and embellished with little rings meant for reinforcing holes in paper. While they were on their original backing they were used for printing dots on fabric, leaving the rings nicely coloured and perfect for decoration.



The text isn’t exactly about creativity, not directly anyway…The bookmark is the packaging from chopsticks, and too nice to toss away.Escape 17

Between two ‘normal’ pages is a leaf of translucent parchment paper, with a little stamping on it. It is held in place with common-or-workshop duct tape, and excellent and versatile material popular with artists and home-handypersons!

Escape 18


More yellowish paint, and coloured pencil. You may notice that the two pages stuck together while the paint was wet (ooops) and tore off a layer – that’s where the rainbow pencil came in. Always go along with your mistakes – in art – maybe not so much in life….The stamp I used at the bottom is long and narrow, with an image of rough stitches – at least, I think that’s what is intended. However, the ends look a bit like stylised trees, and that is how I often use it. It also works well in the context of textiles, of course.

Rubber stamps are great for altered books and other mixed media creativity, so it’s good to have a broad collection (and to keep them fairly orderly). Look  for them in bargain shops! It is probably impossible to have too many…

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