Weekly Photography Challenge: Refraction

The theme of this weeks challenge (or inspiration!) is ‘Refraction’. Literally that means ‘splitting’, I think, but it generally refers to the splitting of white light into the colours of the spectrum, otherwise known as ‘the rainbow’. I have a lot of pictures in my files of the rainbow colours thrown around rooms by various prisms of ‘crystal’ hanging in sunny windows,

and my first thought was to search out some of them.refraction 1 However, I was having one of those cleaning and reorganising mornings, which led to having a bright, shiny cut-crystal sherry glass in my hand, and… refraction 3 refraction 2


I also had an iris ready to pose for me. Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, so its a good fit for ‘refraction’. The petals (and sepals!) glitter in sunlight with tiny specs of rainbow colour, which I hoped to capture better than I did…

Maybe next time!

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