Friday Poem: Solitude

nataraja 1

Late in the night
a single candle

Nataraja dances
in his circle of flame

Bright jewels

The silence rings

Outside, the empty stars
late moon
cold in the dark.

Inside the room
beautiful shadows

Beside the candle
Lord Shiva is dancing
by himself.nataraja 2

In Indian cosmology, it is Lord Shiva, in his Nataraja form, who dances the world into being. He is also the destroyer, acknowledging that creation and destruction are inextricably linked. Sometimes when I am in a melancholy mood, I like to light a candle and lie in the semi-darkness, contemplating life, death and the whole damn thing. Which is an excellent and pleasurable pursuit for an introvert like myself. It’s OK to be sad sometimes, and that’s where the poem came from. As my sister would have been fifty years old tomorrow, I’ve been trying to imagine her as a fifty year old woman, and I can’t do it. After almost twenty three years, I am accustomed to her not being here and I am rarely assailed by grief, but her birthday (which is also one of our brother’s – he was six when she was born) will always be a time to wonder – what if? Who would she have become if she hadn’t fallen ill and died so young?

nataraja 3

What I want to say is – enjoy life as it is. My mother -in-law is dying at 87 after a good and full life, my sister died at 27, after a full life that didn’t seem nearly long enough. And you never know how much time you or yours are going to have – so live it, and love while you can! Dance alone sometimes…

Peace Love Empathy – they make the world worth living in.


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