Creativity: Escape IV



“Escape” was an old novel, and now it’s an altered book with the theme of Creativity. On this page, I pasted a page from an old notebook, and added a few thoughts on “Rebranding”. I regularly go through my wardrobe and give away clothes that I don’t wear anymore, but I’m not nearly as good at clearing out my large collection of books! The ones I’ve altered have all been bought for the purpose from second-hand stores, and even those I feel a little guilty about cutting up and pasting over – books are sacrosanct!DSCF8947

The next page – painted over, scribbled on with coloured pencils, stamped, a stray sentence pasted at right-angles to the text, and a sticker from Kikki-K – plus a quote from photographer and film maker, Anton Corbjin. He was referring to his movie “Control”, about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. The quote reflects my own idea that things you like making will find a market…DSCF8948

On the left, another old notebook page covers most of the text. The rose is a rubber stamp image which I coloured in with watercolour – which made the ink run a little, giving it a well-worn, weathered look. When something like that happens, don’t panic – go with it and decide that’s what you intended all along. Works for me!

The Rick Amor drawing is on a page torn from an art magazine. I like the way the figure seems to be about to leap into something new. The rest of the page is painted, stamped on and doodled on with pink ink. Both these pages have a little room left for another quote, or a drawing to be added later. It’s still a work in progress.

More next week!


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