Creativity: Escape III

Ararat Regional Art Gallery, where I work as a volunteer, shares a building with the Performing Arts Centre, which has just hosted the annual Eisteddfod. Which means lots of dancing girls in spangly costumes passed through the space. This morning I collected some of their lost sequins and a bead, to add in to my altered book.sequins 1

Sewing a few sequins onto pages adds a bit of sparkle and glamour!sequins 2

Other small found objects can be added randomly to pages, using thread, glue, fine wire or staples eg metal washers -shiny or rusty- safety pins ( I found one today on Barkley street), also feathers and dried leaves.

Of course you can plan these kinds of inclusions, and buy what you want to use, but I think it’s more fun to use whatever you find with your beady magpie eye!sequins 3

And here are the pages before I added the bling –

somewhat less exciting, don’t you agree? The print is of a (grungy…) laneway in Aberdeen Washington.


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