Friday Poem: Burn On

This weekend it will be nineteen years since A Record Changed My Life. Usually I find time to watch Nirvana Unplugged in New York over again, but I’ll be in Melbourne doing other things. Instead I’m sharing a poem…new postcards

I love you for your golden head
Your feet of clay;
For things you did;
For what you might have done;
And even though it all went wrong,
(Clay feet betrayed the golden head),
The spirit encoded in your song
Still breathes its fire, is burning still.tiny sweater

Spot the Nirvana/Kurt references in this photo! If it weren’t for Nirvana Unplugged all those years ago, I would never have gone all the way to Seattle, let alone Aberdeen, and just maybe, I might not have rediscovered my creative self  again, either.  When I wanted to buy the cassette (remember those?!) , Bryan thought it was a waste of money because I’d “get bored of it’.

I still haven’t – and it led on to a lot of other music in my life. Burn on!

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