Creativity: Escape II

Some more pages from my creativity journal/altered book –Escape 10

I do believe that daydreaming is an important part of the creative process – it might be about how to approach a particular project, or have nothing to do with your art practice at all. It is one of the things that school as we know it discourages, and one of the reasons that children become less creative as they move through the system.

Escape 11


I covered much of this page with yellow stickers, plus a home-printed one of a teapot – cross stitched on handkerchief linen by my daughter, Zoe, and made into a brooch by me. Plus thoughts about my creative process.Escape 12

I spotted the words, “You’re an artist?” amongst the text on the page as I was obliterating it, and of course I preserved it. The answer is YES! Do you feel you need some one else to affirm that for you, or is it for you to decide?