1 Day 1 World:7-8am

This might be a bit late in the week for 1 Day 1 World: 7-8am, but our internet connection was,um…unhelpful…when I tried to post on Thursday.

On Monday, I made the return trip from Canberra, which means I was up just after 6 – most unnatural! As I waited for the bus to the city, just before 7, the hills around Farrer were swathed in mist, the plum trees around the shops were white with bloom, and cockatoos were enjoying some early morning aeronautics and screeching. Having alighted in the city, I had to walk several blocks to Jolimont Centre, where I would be boarding a coach for the four hour trip to Albury.


It was only 7.34, so I had plenty of time. I bought a “Big Issue” to read from a seller outside the Post Office. He told me he likes to arrive around 7.30 to catch all the Public Servants on their way to work. There weren’t many people around yet, so I was his first customer for the day. 7-8am1

I’d only had a cup of tea before leaving Zoe’s, so the first priority at the bus station was a cup of coffee, of course.7-8am2

At 7.45, half an hour before the coach is due to leave, you can just see the queue of passengers lined up to have their tickets checked and their luggage loaded. It’s a long day of travel, with two four hour stints, plus another two and a half hours from Melbourne to Ararat, so plenty of opportunity to catch up on reading…

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