Friday Poem: Gift

woodpecker feather

I wrote this poem fifteen years ago to the day, and I’m adding photos from our big trip to the Pacific North West three years ago. Maybe I need to spend more time in that place, referred to by Winnie the Pooh, where Hums can find me…That’s really what this poem is about – finding that place.whale

Half a moon in a mackerel sky;
After crowded days
Full of shtik
Full of shtikl
(Can something be full
With such a little thing as shtikl?)
After the crowded days
The lonely half a moon
In the light washed sky
Is a tranquil gift
A lonely tranquil gift.

Mt Baker

I loved Woody woodpecker as a kid, and I really hoped I’d see one – but this feather is as close as I got (assuming it really is from a woodpecker) We did watch a female Flicker foraging amongst leaves, but she was the wrong kind of woodpecker. We took a whale tour out of Victoria BC, because I also wanted to see Orcas. After along search, a pod was located, finally surfacing right alongside our boat – very satisfying!

Mount Baker hovered in the background, seeming to float, lonely and tranquil, in the sky. No mountain in Australia is that tall (they are all too old) and there is no permanent snow, so the strato volcanoes of the PNW were an unforgettable highlight. I can’t wait to go back where they are…