Creativity: Escape I

Escape 6

An altered book like this is a good place to try new things, use up odds and ends, and bring out your collection of rubber stamps…Years ago, my father-in-law gave the kids a stack of big yellow stickers, which they never found a use for. Now I find them handy for covering a whole page of unwanted text in one go. A white pen didn’t show up on the yellow, so I wrote over it in blue. An inspiring  Kikki-K sticker gets modified by the text in the art work stuck below it.

Escape 7


The name of an art exhibition in Bendigo reminded me of a loved song-lyric of Leonard Cohen’s. It didn’t all fit on the label sticker, so wandered out across the edge of the page, ending on the next one. The text of the stuck-on paper is obscured with the frames of postage stamps, then painted over with water-colour. The key stamp I added in the birdcage is is one carved into a cheap eraser, an excellent way to make custom stamps. You can use a craft-knife, but Japanese wood carving tools are better – and quite cheap and easy to buy in art supply stores.Escape 8

The left-hand page plays with the idea of flying in dreams – something I like to do whenever I realise I’m dreaming. I remember being disappointed as a child that I couldn’t do it when awake! I thought I rememberd how, but it just didn’t work. Sad.

The picture of “Pink Sita” is torn out of an art magazine, and is the work of internationally recognised local artist, Geoff Todd.

Escape 9


I like the colours in the felt vessels on the postcard – advertising for another art exhibition. The other page has been painted and embellished with stamps and a rub-on guitar, and some paint doodles. There’s plenty of room left to write in a quote about creativity when I come across one I want to add. So the book is still an on-going project.